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Silver Mystery Series:  Book Five - Foiled Silver - SOON!


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Silver Mystery Series Book 5 Coming Soon!

Is it possible that Abby Strickland, sterling silver expert is surrounded by killers?  She lives on the Maryland Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, known for its natural beauty of green fields, geese bobbing on the river, Snowy Egrets poised on the shore and white swans in flight.  It’s a little bit of heaven less than two hours of the bustling cities of Baltimore and Washington, D.C.   

She’s drawn into a debate about real estate development and anger, resentment and violence flares.  When murder happens right in front of her eyes, her life of beauty and elegance is turned upside down.  

Should she believe what she saw?  Is it possible that jealousy drove her mentor and friend Lorraine to commit the ultimate crime?  Only her sense loyalty to her mentor and friend Lorraine makes her challenge what she saw.  As Abby scrambles to find the truth amid red-hot emotions and crippling suspicions, Mother Nature adds to the tension with the threat of a major storm.   

Abby doesn’t know where to turn as she realizes that yes, she is surrounded by killers.

Foiled Silver, the fifth book in the Silver Mystery series set in St. Michaels, Maryland will be released soon.

Silver Mystery Series

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