eight-bellsA story of bravery in the North Atlantic during WWII and the love of those left behind.

One must never disobey The Muse!

Last November, I stumbled across a story that begged to be told on the big screen.  I was working madly to finish the serial mystery for Attraction Magazine and editing the book version, Whispers.  I had little energy to devote to anything more than walking Cody.


This story kept pushing at the edges of my brain until it burst to the center of my creative mind.  My desk and bookshelves began filling up with reference books about World War II.  I cleared a storyboard so I could put up index cards with random thoughts and ideas.  I made a few calls and reached just the right people.


Writing for screen isn’t foreign territory for me.  For many years, I worked as a writer/producer with news organizations and local station programming departments before I started my own production company that turned out specials for PBS, ESPN and more.

Then Life created changes.  I’ve spent the last several years writing mystery novels set on the beautiful Maryland Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay … and loving every minute.

WORD TO MY READERS:  There are more books coming!

But first, there will be Eight Bells!

Soon, a page on this website will appear… think of it as a Log…devoted to stories about my efforts to do the research… the basic approaches and the unexpected doors that led to exciting tidbits and new stories that enriched the whole project.

All this happened with the encouragement and support of SU’s ProSeries.  Thank you, Hal!  We’re on quite a journey!