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BuildingThere’s a yellow building just one block off Talbot Street in Historic St. Michaels Maryland with a history… and surprise all its own: The Blue Crab.

Built in 1883, it began as the home of the local chapter of Odd Fellows, an international fraternal organization with a curious name.  It dates back to the 1700’s when men from different occupations banded together to provide aid and support to their members and families.  The concept went against the idea that people should join together when they had only one profession in common.  So, the members of the new organization were considered peculiar or Odd Fellows. 

With tempers still running high four months after the end of the Civil War, the application to establish an Odd Fellows chapter in St. Michaels was denied, but the international group out of London gave approval to Freedom’s Friend Lodge No. 1024, a black lodge founded by five men– three boat builders, a comedian, and a vocalist.  The Odd Fellows were ahead of their time when they added a separate-but-equal order for the ladies called Daughters of Rebekah.

The local lodge closed in the 1990’s, but the building is considered one of the oldest surviving black Odd Fellows halls in the country.  The symbol of their three guiding principles can still be seen over the front door—friendship, love and truth—links not easily broken.

The outside of the lodge was renovated recently and a wonderful meeting place appeared inside (and this photo doesn’t even show you the stage area):  Interior small

Even the logo of the new place reflects the history of the building. The heart set in an upraised hand symbolizes acts of mercy and kindness.Hand Logo

It’s a warm and welcoming space that invites conversation… so on Saturday morning, January 27th at 11, The Blue Crab is sponsoring A Conversation with Author Susan Reiss.
Executive Director of the Talbot County Free Library Dana Newman and the author will explore questions about the creative process, where ideas come from and the joys and pitfalls of writing today.

Come and join the conversation, enjoy the rich coffees, luscious treats, you can even stay for lunch as the Blue Crab continues the century-old tradition of being part of the community in the yellow building.
Goodies Case

Blue Crab Coffee
102 S. Fremont Street
Saint Michaels, MD 21663


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